Refund Policy

I. Introduction

To provide customers with high-quality shopping experiences, we have developed the following return and exchange policy. Please note that our policy complies with relevant laws and regulations, and aims to ensure fairness, transparency, and customer satisfaction. This policy applies to all products on our platform.

II. Return and Exchange Policies

  1. Order cancellation and replacement of goods: You can cancel the order or replace the goods (excluding customized products) within 24 hours after placing the order. If the order is cancelled, we will provide a full refund, but we do not accept refunds for packaged and shipped orders.
  2. Address Correction: Within 24 hours after placing the order, you can contact us through online customer service or by sending an email to to correct any address information on your order.
  3. Logistics Information Update: For non-customized products, we will upload logistics information within 7 business days after placing the order. If the logistics information has not been updated after 7 business days, please contact us at 获取最新的物流信息。
  4. Delivery Time: The normal delivery time is within 30 days after placing the order. If you have not received your product after 30 days, please contact us for further information.
  5. Non-Quality Issues: We do not accept returns or exchanges for non-quality issues, such as color or size mismatches. Please carefully review the color and size descriptions of the products before purchasing.
  6. Quality Problem Resolution: We will do our best to ensure product quality and accuracy, but sometimes errors may occur. If an error occurs, we sincerely apologize in advance. If you encounter these rare situations, you can send us clear photos of the product and your order number, along with your contact information, through email. Once we receive your email and verify the issue, if it is a general product, we will immediately send you a replacement; if it is a customized product, we may not be able to send a replacement right away, please contact us at for more information on the specific time frame.

III. Notes

  1. Please ensure that you carefully read our return and exchange policy and understand our return and exchange processes before submitting a return or exchange application.
  2. If you need to inquire about our return and exchange policies or require assistance, please contact our online customer service or send an email to

IV. Exchange Process

  1. Submit Application: Submit an exchange application through our website or send clear photos of the problem and your order number to through email.
  2. Application Review: Our customer service team will review your application within 24 hours. If the application is accepted, we will immediately send you a replacement (for online purchases).
  3. Send Replacement: If you need a replacement due to a quality issue, once we receive your email and verify the problem, we will immediately send you a replacement.